This is a personal website of HepatoPancreatoBiliary ( HBP ) and Liver Transplant Surgeon – Dr.D.R.KULKARNI . He is attached to some of the finest hospitals in city of Mumbai, INDIA. He is trained in this field in Mumbai and abroad (Hong Kong and France). His main interest is liver and pancreatic resections for HPB cancers . The website gives detailed information about his clinical work, experience, attachments etcetera. Apart from professional information it gives loads of information about diseases of liver, biliary tract and pancreas with their treatment which will be very useful for patients .
Clinical services : Surgical diseases of liver, pancreas,biliary tract and gall bladder require early attention and diagnosis followed by planning and execution of treatment by skilled multidisciplinary team. Dr.D.R.Kulkarni and his team of hepatologist, endoscopist, intensivist and interventional radiologist carry out this job in most skillful manner to deliver results matching international standards.

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  • Liver Pancreas Clinic
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  • Academic programs

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